Grupos de delincuentes se enfrentan en la comunidad de Antúnez, perteneciente a Parácuaro, Michoacán

Inhabitants of the towns of Antúnez and El Ceñidor, located in Tierra Caliente, reported this afternoon a confrontation between groups of antagonistic hitmen, which unleashed an operation in which authorities from the three levels of government participated.

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A strong confrontation between members of organized crime was reported on Tuesday afternoon in the municipality of Parácuaro, the area of operation of the Knights Templar cartel.

The reports indicate that on Tuesday afternoon, armed civilians from two antagonistic groups of organized crime, faced off with bullets in the surroundings of the municipal seat, Antúnez.

The video published in the Official Telegram of the Narco Blog, shows the noise caused by the detonation of large-caliber rifles.

Despite the fact that the shooting has lasted for several minutes -according to the reports-, no authority has reported what happened and there has been no record of the movement of authorities to the area.

Con información de EFE y AP